Ada masali In the romantic comedy genre, a fresh new turkish tv series "ada masali," will brighten up tv screens this summer. The attractiveness of alp navruz and ayça ayşin turan and their harmonious attractiveness are also an asset.

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Ayça ayşin turan new turkish tv series ada masali an island tale.

The cast of the renowned island tale series of star tv is wondering. A love tale will be the subject of the series island tale. The island tale is the genre of love and drama. It is called the summer series. In the island tale series there are major players from each other. However, who are the actors of the island tale? Who's playing the island tale character? Your questions are answered!

Fans of both names can't wait to see it as soon as feasible and see it together! But there's a few questions in the air before everything! What's "ada masalıstory? "'s where and when might i look at a romantic turkish comedy? Besides these two great names, who are the other actors and actresses? The renowned actor alp navruz and ayça ayşin turan are brought together in the romantic comedy.

It's an ali bilgin series of turkic love and drama directed by ay yapım. However, who are the players in the series iceland tale?

The two appear wonderful together, as far as we have seen the photographs thus far. So it is very evident that they are going to create a big pair on turkish tv. Therefore, the narrative of the series focuses on the love between haziran (ayça ayşin turan) and poyraz (alp navruz). "ada masalı" is an important work for summer screens with a pleasant tale and lovely mood. In addition, with its love plot and enchanting environment on the island, the series will enchant the public. 

Who are the players in the series island tale? The issue is often questioned. Our news contains the names of the island tale cast.

The new trailer of the series shows some indices about the narrative of the one who likes the city life, haziran and poyraz (alp navruz), a native-born islander who came to convince him to sell her property, "i cannot live anything other than the town, i can't fall in love enough to lose myself." although these two individuals have completely distinct characteristics in terms of their goals, they nonetheless share a certain aspect that is that these two characters are unbelievably obstinate figures. You want to acquire what you desire. 

The major parts in the cast of the ada tale series are alp navruz and ayça ayşin turan. Important names like susanne, nihan büyükağaç, bülent çolak, cem anıl edge, beril pozam, özge demirtel, rami narin and eylül ersöz and bedia ener are some of the icelandic tale players. There are more names.

In addition, both are difficult to find and agree on a common topic. While haziran is a beautiful, beautiful lady, poyraz has the capacity to fascinate everybody who sees her. But in the city she chases her ideal life, haziran lives her life. On the other side, poyraz lives on the island, he has no link with anybody in a country descending from his ancestors. He's twisted, grumbling and, further, he doesn't have anybody's loving sense in him. 

Moreover, he doesn't expect someone to feel well. The storey thus revolves on one major question: how do these folks meet in a shared spot? Will their journeys go the same way? In the first episode, owing to their initial interaction on the island, we possibly have some hints. The second love tale in summer, ada masali, will be launched on june 15, 2021 with her first episode. 

The show will be on star tv every tuesday at 20:00. Filming series location ada masalı has been shot in the area of sığačić in ̄ğazmir, turkey's most popular tourist area with its landscape and history. The series has such outstanding names in addition to the primary actors, alp navruz and ayça ayşin turan. We must name all the following: tenolcay, nihan büyükağaç, bülent çolak, cem anıl kenar, beril pozam, özge demirtel, rami narin, eylül ersöz and bedia ener.

Turan's ayça ayşin the turkish actress is from the turkish father and turkish mother, born in the turkish town of sinop on october 25, 1992. She graduated from the university of istanbul's radio and tv department. Despite her young age, however, she got interested in acting and violin, yet she took part in numerous aicha aichen was one of the main tv pieces, a well-known figure of reham, who showed her on mbc4 in the renowned turkish serial "atheer al hob." she was 18 years old at the time and was then very popular by taking part in the popular turkish "the black rose" series. In 2017, aicha became known in the arab world as "wards and thorns," and had a huge success with his lead character, mariaam, in his first absolute championship in the series "maryam." she is a turkish beauty who has been made known and recognised for her many capabilities, notably in the drama series in numerous turkish series (the black rose). Aysha turan is a highly emotive personality and has great popularity with more than 1,5 million instagram followers, and over 70 thousand on twitter. Since she's young, she is pleasant and dislikes individuals who don't respect nature and don't enjoy chatting. She likes art and prefers to perform violin since she's little.

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Then he took part in his first tv effort in the good friends series, the victorious dervishes, a telegram from ankara. Producer and director have acknowledged his exceptional performance and also contributed to the black destiny series and in this series, fadela and her daughters have been (sinan). He was known for the brightness of the part. The audience caught the gaze of the followers with the teeth of the gorgeous fun youngster till his father went away.