Akkiz, a powerful warrior known as the claw of the two-headed wolf in the realm, remembers her youth and the prince she's bound through their darkest scars.

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Dastan Episode 1 English Subtitles Akkiz revenge for her father.

Alpagu khan and his troops are attacked, resulting in heavy penalties both within and outside the palace. In the present day, the royal family is abuzz with speculation about who will succeed to the throne.

The series is based on the love of two unusual birds: a young lady who lives in the mountains and the brave worrier, who became orphaned by the gok khan korkut khan in the harsh steppes of central asia, and the sky lieutenant batuga, who became orphaned by korkut khan on the gok palace, dec those two unusual birds achieve the impossible by making their love a sword and a guard of their hearts.

The cast and theme of the upcoming destan series are both intriguing. The long-awaited trailer for the epic series has been published. "i am the daughter of dag, akkiz!" shouts ebru sahin's character akkiz in the first teaser for 'destan.' i've developed into someone who lends a helping hand to others who don't have one. 

I've turned into a road for those who don't have one. I've come to create peace, free the slave, and write my epic from the mountain to the sky." the destan turkish series chronicles the great narrative of akkiz, a warrior mountain girl orphaned by gök khan korkut han. The primary actors are ebru sahin and edip tepeli.

The atv 2021 – 2022 collection season, which is known for its long-running and huge budget series, appears to be rather ambitious once again. Mehmet bozdag, the producer, and the challenge array, share it on social media with the hashtag "s period. Destan the spectator in the storey and in terms of manufacturing for the first time in a watch like this and they mujdelemis 'epic series; manufacturing, a good ensemble and a strong tale, not only in turkey but also how to communicate in this world,' he told me.