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The Untold Secret To How Justin Bieber RUINED Selena Gomez.. In Less Than Ten Minutes

Justin bieber when you say you're gonna love someone for better for worse and like am i able to do that and so i think that was really what i was battling with cute couple i'm just saying hey yes he's sweet as can be but he's not like your little brother is he.

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justin bieber and selena gomez 

Be able to honor you know what i say you know because that's a serious commitment when you say you're gonna love someone for better for worse and like be faithful that's a huge am i able to do that and so i think that was really what i was battling with.

Selena gomez it's dangerous to stay in a victim mentality and i'm not being disrespectful i do feel i was and emotional abuse yes.

I wanted to get out a lot of the feelings that i was experiencing but in a way where it was or saying i'm frustrated and i'm feeling these things and it's complicated but i'm okay it was closing this chapter and i'm okay with moving forward which is something i've had a hard time with in the past.

Selena feels vindicated by justin's words however that doesn't take back all that happened while they were together we're told selena doesn't want her relationship with justin to define her but she does feel some comfort that he spoke out about what he did and she hopes that he is being genuine.

I think frances should be getting restored because she saved my life sorry what happened to selena and her close friend after she donated her kidney to selena and how did gomez react to the weekend's songs about her and what did she reveal about her bipolar struggle hi i'm dylan and here are four times selena almost broke down and four people who saved her a sweeter place .

Where she could hide away while selena rocks stylish dresses slays every instagram pic and blows our mind with her talent only a few fans know how relatable and far from glamorous her childhood was according to e entertainment special her mother gave birth to her at the age of 16 leaving the family struggling for money for many years selena's parents divorced when she was five and of course that left a mark on her as gomez said i was frustrated that my parents weren't together and never saw the light at the end of the tunnel where my mom was working hard to provide a better life for me sadly a lot of us can relate to that the singer revealed that she was never confident in school it's impossible to believe.

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But she didn't have many friends and would just sit in the back of a classroom doing her work raised by a single parent with not many friends selena had one source of inspiration her strong and talented mother looking back at those days she realized how grateful she is that her mother an actress in her own right took selena from texas to la to build a brighter future for her daughter and help her start a career when she was full of uncertainties and fear her mom was the one who inspired her and helped her through it and she still does just take a look at selena in her first disney audition what's important here dream boy dream in at midnight despite the fact that she is unbelievably cute it's impressive how confident an 11 year old girl from grand prairie was in front of the camera and total strangers it was a chance she and her family could never have dreamed of the heart wants what it wants after so many years of struggling .

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Selena finally got a chance at fame when she landed a recurring role on barney and friends and eventually joined the disney channel wizards of waverly place another cinderella story princess protection program and the suite life of zack and cody were just a few of her projects that thousands of us grew up watching that insecure and shy girl that selena had been in texas was now playing on big screens recording studio albums and performing in front of millions of people gomez was living the dream she had what almost all teenage girls dream of a world-famous sweet boyfriend justin bieber .

We all know that selena and justin broke up and got back together again several times but only true fans know how hard that was for gomez in between the breakups selena briefly dated orlando bloom who is by the way sixteen years her senior justin and bloom even got into a fistfight in a restaurant one night reportedly because justin was linked to blooms ex wife model miranda kerr while orlando was reportedly trying to make them jealous by dating bieber's ex-girlfriend after that gomez swiftly moved on to italian businessman tomi chiara.

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But after just a few months she was dating singer z and then businessman samuel crust however romance and boyfriends were always causing tremendous pain and disappointment for selena together toilet myself down selena shared tears publicly over her broken heart more than once and almost every time it was because of bieber after all both justin and selena admitted that they were each other's first true love and we can all relate to how hard that is to get over but the media and haters are often very insensitive to celeb struggles selena was often mocked for crying so much in her emotional interviews and perform during her performance at the ama in 2014 selena gave a very emotional performance almost bursting into tears there was one other person in the audience who was on the verge of crying to her best friend taylor swift .

While many fans couldn't get enough of how sincere and brave selena was for honestly sharing her feelings haters were making fun of the ongoing drama gomez is an artist to her core so none of that heartbreak just went through her selena managed to turn her painful experience into chart-topping hits like the heart wants what at once kill him with kindness and i want you to know her biggest struggles became her biggest inspiration when the bieber phase finally seemed to be over selena's fans were hoping for a fresh start for their idol in 2017.

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She started dating a rising rapper the weekend unfortunately their relationship didn't last more than 10 months though they blamed competing schedules as the cause of their breakup some fans were sure it was because the weekend still wasn't over his ex bella hadid and once again poor selena was allegedly trapped in ex-lovers drama after losing the love of one's life and becoming bait to make another's ex jealous anyone else might have lost their faith and true love but not selena the singer found strength in her heart to remain good friends with the weekend during quarantine selena posted a list of her favorite songs.

With the weekend snow child featuring on it fans were shocked that she tagged him and there seems to be no bad blood whatsoever considering that half of the weekend's new album is about bella but whatever romantic turbulence she's been through her best friend taylor was always by her side her mom and taylor started crying and it wasn't because the song was emotional it was just because the first thing they said to me was we're so happy that you're here after seeing all of that and yet a broken heart isn't the worst and unfortunately not the last horrible thing selena has had to go through vulnerable in 2018 the media broke the news that selena had checked into rehab linking it to other shocking news .

That justin bieber and haley baldwin were engaged imagine how devastating and probably humiliating it was for selena to fine doubt that the media were speculating about it when in fact she was dealing with a longtime depression that had nothing to do with bieber selena was depressed because she was still coming to terms with the fact that she was on the verge of dying in 2015 she was diagnosed with lupus and suffered from its side effects like arthritis and kidney failure for a long time two years later.

In 2017 the consequences of her illness were unbearable and she was desperately in need of a kidney donor finding a donor is a very long process and the chances of finding a person who is a match are not that high it was a blessing in disguise that selena's friend frankie araiza who was living with her at the time volunteered to get tested and turned out to be a perfect match let alone somebody wanting to volunteer it is incredibly difficult to find a match the fact that she was a match i mean that's unbelievable that's not real frankia was a blessing for selena and when the surgery was over they thought the worst was over unfortunately that wasn't the case one of the arteries had flipped and the kidney was turning around inside selena's body.

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So she had to go back into surgery for a six-hour operation both girls could only walk for an hour a day for a month and could not even do basic things like getting dressed or having a shower on their own imagine how stressful it was for her body let alone her mental health media were still following her every step and even started speculating that frankia and selena were no longer friends allegedly because selena was drinking disappointing frankia with her behavior but none of the girls confirmed the rumors and just had to deal with the hatred from the fandom so it's no wonder that gomez had lots of reasons to join rehab and justin bieber's engagement was probably the least of them look at her now once again selena proved how strong she is after battling her depression she returned to work in 2017.

Selena served as executive producer for the series adaptation of the novel thirteen reasons why gomez used her experience battling depression and anxiety to help create a show that educates society on how important it is to pay attention and help each other out for a really difficult time when they started production i went away for 90 days and i actually met tons of kids in this place that we're talking about gomez not only had a directorial debut but also released a new successful studio album rare her lead single on the album lose you to love me quickly became a world hit gomez .

Is a big philanthropist who has partnered with unicef for a long time just last december in 2019 together with we charity she traveled to kenya to meet the local community and visit schools built by the organization it's hard to imagine a more sincere and fragile heart among other young adults in the industry unfortunately the series of shocks wasn't over in 2020 selena finally revealed that she was dealing with one more health issue bipolar disorder selena recently found out that she was going through so many emotional struggles is because she is bipolar and revealed it on miley cyrus's instagram live show.

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I discussed that after years of going through a lot of different things i realized that i was bipolar but selena explained that after she found out more about it she felt more in control and it wasn't that scary for her anymore after going through so much in her life selena seems to finally believe in her own strength this time it was not her mom taylor swift or frankia who helped her but gomez herself we hope that selena believes in herself as much as her fans have been doing for a long time and now has the strength to pull herself through we may all be stuck in quarantine but that doesn't mean that selena stops working just on april 13th amy schumer interviewed gomez about her life and career turns out.

That selena is in full working mode over her makeup line rare she revealed that she already has 48 shades of foundation and concealer she wants it to be clear eco-friendly and easy on the face but emphasized that makeup is not a must-have for girls to feel pretty in the interview she also finally expressed how she feels about still being dragged in the media over justin saying my intention was never to become a tabloid i had to start opening up because people were taking away my narrative it was killing me i'm so young and i'm going to keep changing .

And no one has the right to tell me how my life's going we cannot imagine how hard it must be but it's incredible how selena is staying so strong what do you guys think about selena gomez and her struggles are you inspired by her life story let us know in the comments below thanks  and as always stay awesome .

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