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Demet özdemir and şükrü özyıldız became the new duo of cinema.

Demet özdemir and şükrü özyıldız Details of the latest actress Demet özdemir project have been disclosed, which confirmed she will shoot a film the summer. The actress who will conclude the final in the mid-May series 'the house you were born is destiny,' after a brief break, will be present for the production known as 'love strategies.

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Demet özdemir and şükrü özyıldız became the new duo of cinema.
' In this film will be accompanied Šükrü özyıldız, who played in the 'akıncı' sequence. The film will begin to shoot in the summer, made by o3 media.

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This summer, the actress will perform on netflix in a new romantic comedy. And we know who is going to be her co-star in the film already! In the new netflix series, demet özdemir and şükrü özyıldız. Demet özdemir is one of the young generation's most talented and famous turkish actors, not only at home, but also abroad. After fans learnt about netflix's latest o3 media film, in which demet was going to appear, they instantly started wondering who might become their star. The wait is done, the spouse is revealed publicly.

According to the well-known journalist birsen altuntas şükru özyıldız, the protagonist of romantic love-tactics/aşk taktikleri would become his job in the tv series raider / akinci. In june, filming will begin. Pelin karamehmetoglu is the scriptwriter. The director is emre kabakusak, who in the 52nd episode completes his job on the daughter of the tv series ambassador. The show "my house" with my destiny is scheduled for the last day of mid-may, and after the final she is ready to shoot the netflix. The actress does not even believe to relax, showing yet again her incredible capacity to perform. 

We should predict the demet özdemir the mirror in the film for netflix the demet özdemir is one of the most famous names in the turkish media in the past years the beautiful de demet özdemir has come to be known by the italian audience thanks to its own day-dreamer series of turkish films leia del sagno the actress who made the big leap forward with t. The demet özdemir adows demire has soon been announced in the new romantic movie. Many fans asked whether demet will be a new male jean jaman on-screen companion see some info from the forthcoming film that will follow you on the latest demandos de mar project until the star a new project will begin by the famous turkish actress the meadow room when finishing a project.

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A post shared by Principessa_demo (@principessademo1)The movie entitled love tactics that is scheduled to start filming in june will be transmitted on the netflix network, which excites all of its fans so far that we have not much detail about the movie but it will be a romantic comedy moreover, it seems like the daydream protagonist of the dream wings was delighted with the opportunity to disclose a very interesting fact all of which john young again was your adventures friend, as both the two actors' fans had to imagine, and assume that according to the backstage details of the reporter staff this will be the case, don't contact the televisions. It is predicted that in mid-may your home is your destiny. Demet özdemir and şükrü özyıldız have not even met yet, but have already taken over the social network, which şükrü özyıldız will be leading roles in the film.

Famed actriz the limitosmears drama series your house is your fate but its latest episode soon came to light. The actress who played successfully in the series which is planning for a mid-may farewell to the public will begin its new project in june without the possibility of resting them while demet özdemir dedicated the summer months to the shookur ozil foaming in her latest film called passion strategies this will be her boyfriend what sort of a few are they playing is spoken of by their fans there, while demet özdemir is the most famous turkish actress of the last time.

The actor who is fit for akinji is on diet, and pays attention to what he eats and has often performed well, şükrü özyıldız demet özdemir's meeting is highly anticipated and the fans are both impressionistic and different. It's not a problem that the actor is a part of a musical called alice. This pairing has now adopted thousands of messages every day and the love chaperone continues on other sites of this soon-to-be pair on-screen.

In the comments not only turkish drama spectators but also international fans say that they are waiting with great enthusiasm for this tour and feel they will be peace and momentum, as you know that all the mythosamine movements are already closely watched by their fans a broad range of social networking interactions with the film is started the şükrü özyıldız surge of contact would also be quite favourably influenced and the number of his supporters will increase. Agent emery kobakushak effectively broadcasts film love techniques on netflix gabakushak currently engaged in the television series suffering from kaza, or daughter of the ambassador, after four episodes of drama, they will begin preparations for film.

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